Urban Senior Guy Photo Session with Grafitti

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Suzanne says:

“Selecting locations for my high school seniors that truly represent who they are and incorporate the things they love is something I pride myself in and have built my business around.

Upon learning Aaron’s passion for music I knew instantly the perfect spot for his senior portraits – a grungy, urban band practice space in an old warehouse building in the city.

Utilizing a variety of locations in and around the building provided us some incredible light, color, and texture, and produced an amazing one-of-a-kind senior portraits session.”

Suzanne’s Photography Tip:

Many high school senior photographers shy away from working with senior guys. I, however, embrace them! The guys are so cool, laid-back, and fun. And believe it or not, just like the girls, they want awesome senior pictures too.

When working with senior guys you have to keep it real. No cutesy looks or awkward poses. Their body language has to flow naturally from one pose to another with a masculine feel. And make it quick – the last thing they want to do is stand around while you snap a hundred shots.

Mix their facial expressions up with some serious and some smiling (those are always Grandma’s favorite). To nail the serious look my trick is to have them look away from the camera. I’ll instruct them to look at me on the count of 3, which usually yields a perfect serious-but-inquisitive look every time.

Finally, pick a location that is of some interest to the senior. Many of my guy athletes want their senior portraits at the local high school – on the track, around the ball field, or in the stadium. I’ve taken my senior actors for shots outside the local theater, and of course, my musician, Aaron, at the band practice space.

Incorporating a senior guy’s likes and hobbies into their session also insures their interest and active participation, which nails a perfect image every time.

Black and White Senior Portrait with Guitar
Grungy Musician Senior Portrait
Senior Guy Musician with Guitar and Grafitti
Senior Guy Portrait in Urban Location
Musician Warehouse Practice Space Senior Guy Portraits

Suzanne used a Nikon D610 with a Nikon 85mm f/1.8 lens to capture these images.

Suzanne neace is a Rochester, New York High School Senior Portraits photographer.

Click here to see more tips on Location and Client Personality.

Need a little more experience working with senior guys? Suzanne’s not wrong, in that a lot of photographers can sometimes shy away from working with the guys.

But like Suzanne also said, they can be a lot of fun! At the Seniors Ignite event in February, the senior models they use during the portfolio-building sessions is a mixed crowd of both guys and girls.

So if you’d like closer instruction on working with guys, we definitely suggest you check the event out – but don’t forget to use our special Belovely You discount code!



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