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Hannah says:

“Sarah and Pat’s session was right before Pat was deployed overseas for a year. I wanted to document their family – two legged and four legged – playing in Lake Superior before he left.

I mostly focus on candid photography that tells a story about my subjects, and this session is a prime example of my style.”

Hannah’s Photography Tip:

When you have a family session that includes both a baby and at least one pet (especially a dog), avoid any posing – especially at the beginning.

The dog needs to get to know you, and any attempt you make at posing will probably make the dog nervous. This leads to less than stellar images as its owners try to get it to sit for you, and the frustration will make for a bad start to the session.

Starting the shoot with candid and playful images allows the dog to get to know you, and tires it out a bit, so it is more likely to sit still when it comes time for posed shots.








Hannah used a Canon 5D MK3 with a Canon 35mm f/1.4 and Canon 50mm f/1.2 lens to capture these images.

Hannah Hudson is a Nationwide Candid and Documentary photographer.

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