Working with Little Ones


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Katy says:

“This session was a family session featuring their newest addition.”

Katy’s Photography Tip:

For this session I focussed on getting that feeling of the unique time when there is something new in the house. I did this by looking for interesting light, moments that were evoking some kind of mood, or relational feeling.

After we were done shooting inside, we headed outside. The older sibling had a love of being free and running, running, running.  I feel like it is always really important to speak the language of your littlest client and allow them to put on their ‘show’ for you, so we tried to harness her energy by asking her to run and be caught.


Katy used a Canon 5D Mark III with a Canon 35mm 1.4 lens to capture these images.

Katy Tuttle is a Seattle, WA Portrait photographer.

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Black and white images can be stunning, and invoke a certain level of emotion that colored images can’t. Don’t forget though – editing black and whites is different than editing colors.



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