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We are so excited to launch that we’re rolling out the welcome mat with two weeks of giveaways!

Starting today, we’ll feature a new giveaway every weekday during these first few days. All of our products are completely geared towards photographers, so make sure to check back every day to see what sweet prizes we’re giving away!

Today’s Giveaway: Win a Free Spot in Marketog!


Marketog is a 6-week online marketing course that will help you get more clients. Each week is broken down into lessons with videos, transcripts and step-by-step worksheets that go deep into the strategy behind how to get more the ideal clients who love you and won’t hesitate to pay your prices.

Hundreds of photographers have gone through the course, and have things like this to say about it:




To enter, simply use the form below. To learn more about Marketog, click here.

If you are on a mobile phone and can’t see all the fields, click here to access the contest widget directly.

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Once you’ve entered the giveaway, check out this awesome tip on lighting, or this post about editing backlit photos, or even these gorgeous images from industry leaders like Fer Juaristi. Or, send us a photo session that you would like to see featured by clicking here.

You can also head on over to our shop and check out our hand-selected list of photography products that we LOVE (and think you’ll love too).

Welcome to Belovely You! We’re so glad you’re here!



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Published by Beth Teutschmann

A big fan of food, chaos, and all things fun, Beth is the owner of Starboard Editing, LLC - a photography post-production company focusing on anything from editing to blogging and SEO. When she's required to leave the confines of her dark room, she enjoys martial arts, eating, tattoos, cooking, ice cream, sillyness, eating, and traveling. You should probably say hi.

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  1. I sue hope I win this spot in Marketog! I’m getting married in 9 days, and we are hoping to make photography a more significant contributor to our income than it is now. Those student loans don’t stand a chance, haha!

  2. Make sure to use the link you got when signing up to spread the word, then. You can earn up to 10 extra votes from 10 other people entering the contest if they use your link. 🙂 Early congrats to you in your upcoming marriage!

  3. What?! I can’t earn entries by writing schmaltzy comments . . . by saying how much I appreciate all YOU do to enhance the photography community . . . by just being SO excited about the possibility of winning a seat in the class?! Oh, well . . .

    I’ve just completed Joy’s pricing workshop, so I’m ready to market to the thousands of new clients I’ll have this year 😉

    thank you!!

  4. I desperately need and want to win this. Other than a new camera or lens, I can’t think of ANYTHING I would want to win more related to my photography. 2014 needs to be a NEW year for my biz. This would be huge!!

  5. Just spent lotso money to learn how to price my stuff from Joy Vertz – now I need to know how to market so I can sell all my new products. Would love to win this.

  6. So wonderful to see you get this page up and running Jamie! You are among a small group of fellow TOGs who truly make me dig deep into my ‘why’ and give me the kick in the butt I need to move forward in this amazing industry. Your spreadsheet has opened my eyes in a big way too.

    You rock my world girl!

  7. I’m a Newbie and am just finishing Joy’s pricing class and know I desperately need this class to continue on the path to setting my Portrait business up the RIGHT way! I have neighbors who have a small business imploding because they didn’t do their homework, seek out wise counsel, and refused to listen to those who have traveled their path and had much advice to offer them.

  8. Thanks, Jamie, for being willing to give away such a great prize! As much as I would LOVE to win this, I’m also secretly hoping that one of my fellow photographer friend wins it because she could really use the encouragement right now and simply can’t afford this awesome program right now. 🙂 Thanks again for EVERYTHING you are willing to give us. You are already a goldmine of resources and invaluable advice… and now you go and build THIS site? Thank you! 🙂

  9. Aw, thanks Esther! There was a huge need for this in the industry, so I had to do it. So excited to see where it goes! 🙂

  10. Hi Jamie, I wanted to enter, is it over now? Cant see how to enter but see a winner above, but it says winner(s) so thought you may have more. Not sure.
    Awesome site thanks, have signed up for the newsletter etc

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