Arizona senior underwater in prom dress by Phoenix senior photographer Alyssa Campbell

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Alyssa says:

“Ashlee wanted a fun shoot that was different from her friends’ senior photos. Instead of going to all of the usual places, we instead hopping in the water with one of her old formal dresses and created different and beautiful portraits of her in her pool.”

Alyssa’s Photography Tip:

Seniors are looking to stand out from their friends and get social approval and attention. Offering a one-of-a-kind session with something that generates buzz Рsuch as an underwater session Рwill create word of mouth referrals and keep the inquiries coming in.

I recommend looking at what your competition doesn’t offer – anything from a different type of session or a different kind of product that answers the need of seniors to be different – and marketing that. What would your ideal client respond best to? Where is the best place to market this unique offering that would get eyes on your work?

I have been photographing seniors and couples underwater for about four years. Being underwater creates a lot of challenges, the number one of which is protecting your gear. Research all of the housing options, keeping in mind your specific needs before committing to anything. I have found cheaper housings are not as effective as investing in the more expensive housings.

The second biggest tip about photographing people underwater is lens selection. You want your pool to be as clear as possible. The more water between you and your subject, the more particles you have to clone out later and the more contrast you will need to add. So, a wider, sharp lens is a must – which is why I typically shoot at least as wide as 35mm.

Senior girl in prom dress underwater  by Phoenix senior photographer Alyssa Campbell
Underwater prom dress photos  by Phoenix senior photographer Alyssa Campbell

Alyssa used a Canon 5D Mark II in Ikelite housing with a Canon 17-40 F/4 L lens to capture these images.

Alyssa Campbell is a Phoenix, AZ Wedding, Senior & Underwater Portrait photographer.

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