Putting the finishing touches on an image often includes skin smoothing and retouching, and really gives your photos that clean, finished look. It is the finishing touches that makes each portrait perfect.

But there are other Photoshop techniques you can use that really take your your images to the next level and give your senior portraits a much more completed, enhanced look.

Nicholas Alexander, a fantastic senior portraits photographer and lead shooter at the Seniors Ignite event, has put together a fantastic video tutorial on some of the Photoshop techniques he uses on a regular basis to enhance his senior portraits.

How To Add the Finishing Touches

You can check out his hour-long feature tutorial video (yes, video, so you can follow along) on the Seniors Ignite website here, as well as check out some of his work:


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Senior portraits are a very important keepsake for most people. The benefits of retouching these photographs gives an added mystique to the nostalgia of remembering these years. Properly finished photographs are invaluable to your clients.

It is in your best interest to learn how to do photo retouching. This skill is marketable, and it allows you to become a better photographer to know what things take too much time to retouch.  For example, if you spend too much time cleaning up the background of images, you’ll get creative to take photos with decent backgrounds to begin with.  Not only will you save time, you will also save stress and frustration.  This is your chance to get an education on photo retouching for senior portraits and more. You owe it to yourself to learn this skill, if you do not already have it!


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