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Some of the best artistic photographs involve dresses. The dress shot has become a niche of portrait photos with some amazing results!

Lindsay says:

“When I was first trying to create striking creative images, attaining beautiful wardrobe was always one of the hardest parts of the equation.

Either it was too expensive to get the clothing I envisioned, or I just couldn’t find an ideal piece, or it was too time consuming to track the clothing down.

To remedy the issue and fill the void, I recently started a business called Dream Shoot Rentals that provides avant garde dresses and headpieces (like the ones I was looking for) to photographers across the US in hopes of providing photographers like myself even more tools to create the images of their dreams.

This piece, the Ursula dress, was inspired by images by one of my favorite fashion photographers, Kristian Schuller.

I helped design and collaborate with a seamstress/designer in China to create this striking piece (and now have 3 sizes/colors available through our company!).

Because I loved this dress, I wanted to create an image that really captured the essence of it and what makes it so magical – the endless flowing and undulating trains that ripple like the waves in the sea, and the fact that it is elegant and soft, yet still aggressive.

I created this image in one of my favorite locations, the Metropolitan Building in NYC.”

Lindsay’s Photography Tip for the Perfect Dress Shot:

To create this image, I knew that I would want to do a composite (combine multiple shots together) in order to get the perfect movement in each train of the dress.

I started the session by shooting around the scene and finding the right angles, and then I locked down on a tripod.

Once I had the perfect angles set, I had my team start giving movement to the trains, like the images shown below.

I shot dozens of images, making sure my camera exposure and focus stayed consistent – something that would make it easier to combine the images together in Photoshop during post production.




Once I had all the shots I looked through the images in Lightroom to find all of the right movements of the dress, and then started to combine them in Photoshop.

I also worked with the toning of the images to make them a bit more mysterious and theatrical.

The end results (below) I couldn’t be happier with!


Lindsay used a Canon 5D Mark III with a Sigma 24-105mm 4.0 lens to capture these images.

Lindsay Adler is a New York, NY Portrait and Fashion photographer, and as already noted, creator of the company Dream Shoot Rentals.

The goal at Dream Shoot Rentals is to provide photographers a stunning piece of clothing that they could not get anywhere else – and they rent to anyone around the U.S.!

To celebrate their growing success, they’re running a giveaway a chance to win a $150 gift card to go towards a rental – and I already looked, $150 will get you almost any of the dresses on the site.

Check out the giveaway here! But don’t hesitate…it ends in a little over a week!



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