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Sally says:

“This session was a just-for-me photography playdate with another photographer, and everything just came together – the gorgeous little models, the location, the swing, and the beautiful Texas evening weather.”

Sally’s Photography Tip:

I consider it vital, during a session, to pick a location that will provide a lot of variety (and this spot had it all!).

But don’t just change up your backgrounds – change up your lighting, your angles, your orientation (vertical and horizontal), how close up or far away you might be, etc.

Take detail shots, then back up and take far-away shots with a lot of environmental framing. Watch how the light changes quickly as the sun goes down, and observe how much the same spot can change over the course of the session.

The more aware you are of what one location can give you, the more interesting a set of pictures from a single session and single location will be. It’ll tell a fuller story, and give the clients a large variety of images to choose from (without having to change locations multiple times!).








Sally used a Canon 5D Mark III with a Canon 70-200 f/2.8L II lens to capture these images.

Sally Molhoek is a Dallas/Ft Worth Portraiture and Wedding photographer.

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