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Milestone sessions are for babies 6 months and up, usually up to a year or so. These sessions typically last 20 minutes at most, though I always deliver a full gallery of over 25-30 images to share with the parents!

I LOVE shooting babies this age…..they are smiley, happy, and generally stay still. (Note I said “generally” though!)

I also like to keep my sessions simple, and only use a couple of props. (in the pics below you can even see that I use them over and over again.)

Here are a few of my go-to poses for kids of this age:

Pose #1 – Simple Sitting Pose

I usually start with this one, as it lets me make sure my lighting is correct and if I need to move them to a different angle.

This is where Mom gets a workout though as they tend to crawl away quickly!

Photo 1 Alliston Child Photographer

Pose #2 – The Toy Pose

Usually these babes do not like to sit still. That is where a simple toy comes in. I tell clients to bring a favourite neutral stuffy or toy.

I also have some simple stuffies and wooden toys they can use. This keeps baby somewhat occupied for a few moments, enough to get some cute shots!

lifestyle and portrait wedding and family photographer
lifestyle and portrait wedding and family photographer

Pose #3 – The Belly Pose

This is a great pose for babies who may not be standing or holding themselves up yet. It gets a really cute shot of their faces and they tend to get really happy and excited in this position!

However, this pose is an easy one to crawl away from, so again, Mom gets a workout!

photo 3 _Alliston Child Photographer

Pose #4 – The Standing Pose

Kids love this one, especially if they are not yet standing alone. Make sure you use a sturdy prop, one that will not fall forward or topple over with their weight, as they are likely not too steady.

And Mom stays right beside always!!

lifestyle and portrait wedding and family photographer
lifestyle and portrait wedding and family photographer

Pose #5 – The Close Up

Always, always get some close ups! You can do this in any of the above poses.

photo 5

Pose #6 – The Sitting Prop Pose

Put the baby on a chair, crate, prop and they usually stay put..they are so fascinated with the fact they are sitting up high on something that they rarely wiggle.

And if they do, Mom is ALWAYS there for safety!! Safety first and if baby is too young or unsteady to hold himself up on something like this, do not attempt!

photo 6

Pose #7 – The Outtake

Self explanatory and this usually happens at least once a session…and yes I photograph and edit one or two. And yes, parents love it.

photo 7


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