ShootProof Black Friday Deals

ShootProof is an easy to upload proofing software that allows you to view and share your client galleries.

And it’s on sale from Black Friday through Cyber Monday (11/28 – 12/1) for 50% off of any 1-year plan (including their new Unlimited Plan).

Yes, you read that right –

It’s only on sale through tomorrow, Monday, Dec 1st!

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And it’s more than just a proofing system.

Define your products – ShootProof  allows you to define your own products and custom prices for each gallery you upload. It even allows you to create custom discounts, shipping rates, and tax settings based on you and your clients’ needs.

Client Purchases – Yes, it even allows your clients to purchase products and prints directly – whether it’s from a computer or from a mobile device. And credit card information is taken securely, but your client also has the option of paying with or with PayPal.

Order Fulfillment – With order fulfillment, once your client orders you can receive an email with the order details and submit them directly to ShootProof’s lab partners for printing. The lab can either then deliver the product to you or your client – whichever your order details specify.

So you have your proofing, ordering, and print ordering features and capabilities all in one product.

Um, yeah. Pretty awesome stuff, huh?

And a 1-year subscription is on sale for Black Friday through Cyber Monday for 50% off.

Head over and check it out and sign up today!



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