Did you know there’s an awesome event every year put on by the folks at Seniors Ignite that’s just about the business of senior portraits?

No? You’re missing out. But that’s ok. We’re here to enlighten you and introduce you to some industry awesomeness.

Before we give you the skinny on the Seniors Ignite Event, let’s first talk about…

What Is Seniors Ignite?

Seniors Ignite is one of the best resources for senior portrait photographers in the industry. From marketing and shooting tips to wardrobe and creative ideas, it’s your one-stop-shop for all things Senior Portraits Photography – and it’s led and put together by some exceptionally talented, nationally-recognized photographers.

Like whoa.

So what is the Seniors Ignite Event?


Well, those are the technical details.

But what is it really?

Every year, Seniors Ignite holds an event somewhere within the U.S. (this year it’s San Diego) that is a 3-day intensive focused on all the aspects of the senior portrait photography business. It’s interactive, intimate, and extremely hands-on.

There are sessions on marketing, content creation, editing and retouching, shooting, and then some.

Plus, you’ll leave with a complete senior portraits portfolio filled with cutting-edge images that you’ll take during the shooting sessions, led by industry-leading senior portrait photographers.

Images like this one – gorgeous!

So if you’ve been thinking about getting into Senior Portrait Photography, or want to make it your specialty (or just want to beef up your senior portrait biz), this is absolutely the event for you.

You can read more about Seniors Ignite here, and more about the event here.

Oh and did we mention Discount Code??

If you sign up for the event with discount codeĀ belovely2015 you’ll get $50 off your registration fee.

But don’t hesitate – because this offer expires as soon as Senior Portraits Month is over on Belovely You (Sept. 30th).


and p.s., one of us from the staff here at Belovely You will be there too ; )



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