Rustic Family Portraits by Ryan MacDonald

Lifting Ruby.

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Ryan says:

“The MacGillivray/MacDonald family session took place in Point Aconi, Cape Breton Island. The storm clouds were rolling in as the session started, so I knew we had a limited amount of time before the rain would start. Luckily, little Ruby was a dream to photograph…happy as a clam the entire session.”

Ryan’s Photography Tip:

I’m not much of a fan of green grass, but I love golden grass. From the end of summer through autumn, I try to use golden grass as much as possible because it always photographs warm and reflects making nice skin tones. We were on top of a giant cliff, surrounded by the Atlantic, so it was pretty cold and raining a bit.

I wanted to make sure Ruby was warm so we put her in the long grass to break some of the wind and I got down on my stomach and photographed the session from her level. The colour of the grass makes the session appear much warmer than it was.

By using your environment and surroundings, you can trick the eyes and tell a different story and turn a chilly day into a warm afternoon.

Ruby close.
Snuggling in the grass.
Ruby, funny face.
Family on the ground.

Ryan used a Canon Mk III with a Canon 35mm f/1.4 lens to capture these images.

Ryan MacDonald is a Victoria, British Columbia and Nova Scotia Portrait and Wedding photographer.

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