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Amanda says:

“This family made me fall in love with photographing families with adult children. There is a special quality of love and laughter that is unique to adult families and it was especially true of the Gordons.

They truly enjoy one other, laughing and sharing life together. And this shines through in their images.”

Amanda’s Photography Tip:

You always hear you should choose your location based on the quality of light not the background. Thankfully, this rustic barn location was the perfect marriage of both ideal lighting and a beautiful backdrop.

This barn’s second story as well as the tall trees surrounding the location provided the perfect amount of open shade to photograph in.

However, because we started the session a little late in the evening, the shadow of the barn was longer than preferred, making the directional sunlight a bit far from where I wanted the subjects to stand.

And because we were facing green grass as opposed to cement street, sidewalks, or a large reflective building, the light fell a bit dull on their faces.

I was so thankful for my recently-purchased (AWESOME!) Larson Enterprises 3×4 ft rigid reflector (with a kickstand!) because BOY! That thing is magic.

I set it up very far away so it would spread the light fully across the barn. This setup also weakened the light enough that it didn’t blind my clients.

Instead, it created a beautiful golden color on their faces as well as catch-lights in their eyes.

The kickstand feature also came in super handy because we were able to anchor it with a chain I found lying nearby to keep it from blowing over in the wind. Otherwise, I would have needed an assistant to hold the reflector for me.

When shooting in open shade, I highly suggest using a reflector to bounce back the right amount of light onto the subjects so you end up with a nice, even light in their eyes and faces.

Assuming your camera settings are correct, there will be almost no need to edit the resulting images prior to the ordering session (assuming your camera settings are correct), which saves time and as we all know, “time is money”.






Amanda used a Canon 5D with a Canon 85mm f/1.8 lens to capture these images.

Amanda Coleman is a Fort Worth, TX Family and Children’s photographer.

See more tips on Lighting.



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