Pool side glamour portrait

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Lindsay says:

“This is a glamour and fashion-themed portrait session that took place in a local park. I had this idea to make a huge skirt out of tulle – a fabric that seems to float and photographs very well.

The look I was going for in this shoot was romantic and whimsical. I wanted the model to shine and I wanted the look to be dramatic, hence the fullness in the skirt.

My aim in my photography is to bring elements of glamour and high fashion to portrait sessions for ordinary women, allowing them to step out of the norm and feel like a model for a day.”

Lindsay’s Photography Tip:

Sometimes less is more when it comes to posing. When dramatic props and wardrobe are used in a session, try not to over-pose clients. A model doesn’t always need to use big movement or gestures in a pose in order to produce an interesting image.

In this example, the model’s skirt was very large and took up a lot of space, creating a dramatic effect. We kept the posing very simple, but still effective. I believe that the basic poses combined with the wardrobe in this session made for a winning combination.

Glammed up model pondering at sunset

Model in tulle skirt leans up on stone wall.
Model in skirt climbs steps.
Girl twirls in skirt at golden hour.
Beautiful portrait captured on steps during sunset.

Lindsay used a Canon 5D Mark III (affiliate link) with a Tamron 28-75mm 2.8 lens (affiliate link) to capture these images.

Lindsay Carlisle is a San Francisco Bay Area Women’s Glamour Portrait Photographer.

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If you’re looking at doing your own dramatic dress shot but don’t want to make your own, we have good news – you can rent your own dress from Lindsay Adler.


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  1. Love these portraits!! The composition and lighting are great. It’s also fun and whimsical. Great work- I look forward to seeing more from Lindsay.

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