Peaceful Babies & Toddlers Portraits by Renee Barber

Peaceful sleeping newborn

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Renee says:

“This was a newborn session with an 11-day-old little sweetie named Carter. His dad is in the Air Force and they had recently moved to the area. I did an on-location sessions for them in their home, which was beautiful. I set up while Carter’s mom nursed him. I used a one-light setup with natural light coming in from the windows close by. Carter fought sleep for a while but I soothed him until he fell asleep. Once he was out, he didn’t wake up for the entire session. He was a dream!”

Renee’s Photography Tip:

As photographers, we tend to stay constrained to studying photography books and materials. As a newborn photographer, and this is true with every type of photography, there is so much more to a session than just “taking pictures.” It is very important that we anticipate client problems and prepare for them ahead of time.

For me, soothing newborns didn’t come easy at first, even with a child of my own. Being awkward at soothing them proved stressful to me, the newborn, and the parents. I have to admit that I was less than thrilled when a local newborn photographer asked me to read “The Happiest Baby on the Block” by Dr. Harvey Karp before assisting her on a session. Surprisingly, reading it was one of the single best things I have done to improve my newborn photography.

This newborn session is the perfect example of this. Little Carter did not want to go to sleep for his parents after his mom nursed him. After I wrapped him, shushed him, and rocked him for about 10 minutes, he slept soundly for the entire session. Reading this book (and a couple others) not only helped me to better soothe newborns, it gave me confidence in what I am doing and parents now see me as a newborn expert.

Studying resources outside of the realm of photography will help you be more prepared to manage customers which will lead to smoother, less stressful sessions.

Newborn sleeping in a basket
Newborn dressed like a football
Newborn sleeping and comfy
Newborn sleeping on suitcase with hot air balloons in background

Renee used a Canon Rebel T4i with a Tamron 28-75 2.8 lens to capture these images.

Renee Barber is a Miami & Fort Lauderdale, FL Newborn and Baby photographer.

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