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Keely says:

“This sweet family came all the way down from Maryland, just for me, and braved 8 hours of traffic along the way.

I was so flattered! It made me feel even more special that they drove through all that traffic because they love my work that much.

Mom brought some wonderful props and I was happy to use some of them in pictures.  She let me do a lot but her umbilical cord was a little sensitive, something that I always try to be aware of (and make sure you are too!). ”

Keely’s Photography Tip:

I use studio lighting with all my newborn sessions. I have a Westcott Recessed Mega JS Apollo (50 x 50″) softbox and Paul C Buff AlienBees B400. The angle that I have found that I like best is called feathering, which corresponds to my style.

To achieve the feathering style, all you have to do is place your light source about 6 inches from the side of your setup and 6 inches from the front of it.

For example, mine is on the left side when I’m shooting in my studio. It’s basically right next to me when I am taking the shot.

And, If you put a little distance between your background and your subject, the background will turn out darker.

By following this setup, the light will trickle onto your subject, creating even lighting and soft shadows.

Taco pose


Princess in Daddy's arms

Vintage Coke crate

Keely used a Canon 5D Mark III with a Canon 50mm f/1.2L lens to capture these images.

Keely Julson is a Des Moines, IA Maternity, Gender Reveal, Birth, Newborn, Baby, Cake Smash & First Birthday photographer.

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  1. I’ve been shooting primarily with natural light and am so grateful for your tutorials on studio lighting – the feathering information is invaluable to me. I would love to get your weekly insider information.
    Thank you so much. Your work is beautiful.

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