Elegant Senior Portraits by Britt Lanicek

Natural Light Senior Portraits in Van Buren Ohio by  Britt Lanicek Photography

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Britt says:

“This session featured Alisa, a local high school senior with artistic sensibilities and a wide array of interests. I like to customize each session to fit the client’s preferences and vibe. Alisa’s style swung in a multitude of directions, so her session incorporated a number of settings and looks. Most important to this girl was the inclusion of her beloved bird, Jose, so we brought him into the studio for a short set. The images with Jose are among my favorites of the year.”

Britt’s Photography Tip:

I feel that a session should reflect who a person is and incorporate elements that are important to them – especially for seniors. In this particular session, Alisa wanted to show the many facets of herself through her wardrobe, locations, and with the inclusion of her bird, Jose, who is especially dear to her heart.

Because the logistics around a set with Jose brought limitations, we ended up breaking Alisa’s session into two days – one at the studio with the bird, and a second set for downtown/outdoors images with a number of different looks.

Providing some flexibility in scheduling made a huge difference in what we were able to include in Alisa’s session, and the end results were stellar. The client was extremely happy and I will be doing additional work with her in the coming weeks.

Customization of your client’s session may require additional flexibility, and perhaps a bit more time, but the end result will be a much happier client who will sing your praises to everyone they know! I have already had several referrals from this family, and will be working with this senior again very soon.
Wildflower Senior Portraits at Van Buren State Park by Britt Lanicek Photography
Elegant Senior Portaits in Ohio by Britt Lanicek Photography
Elegant Senior Portraits in Ohio by Britt Lanicek Photography
Modern Senior Portraits in Findlay Ohio by Britt Lanicek Photography

Modern Senior Portraits in Findlay Ohio by Britt Lanicek Photography

Britt used a Nikon D700 with a Nikkor 24-70mm lens to capture these images.

Britt Lanicek is a Fostoria, OH photographer who specializes in senior portraits and glamour photography.

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