On the bridge.

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Sally Ann says:

“Three sisters wanted to give the gift of family photographs to their parents.”

Sally Ann’s Photography Tip:

Know your location inside and out.

When first discussing this session with my friend/client Elizabeth, she mentioned a new park that might be a fun location for her extended family shoot. Google confirmed this location looked pretty cool, but for me, a scouting trip is mandatory. I visited the park a week before on the same day and time we would be shooting.

Fairly easy parking, not too crowded, and gorgeous light at that time of day. Check, check and check! I took some test shots and worked in some of the fun and modern features of the park. After reviewing my test shots I was even more excited for the shoot.

This was the largest family I had ever photographed so having a plan made all the difference. Going in, I had a shot list in my head so we moved from one shot to the next very easily, which left plenty of time for spontaneous shots as well. Of course, playground breaks to keep the kids (small and large) happy were also part of the plan. Thanks to scouting, this session was a walk in the park.

A smooth and relaxed session makes everyone happy.
On the playground.

In the sky.
The kiss.

Sally Ann used a Canon 5D Mark3 with a Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM lens to capture these images.

Sally Ann Field is a Los Angeles Lifestyle photographer.

See more tips on location.


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