If you’ve been around in the wedding photography world at all, there’s a good chance you know who Susan Stripling is.

If you don’t, we’ll just say that we’ve been drooling over her images for years now. (You can check her work out on her site here.)

Susan’s been a leader in the wedding industry for some time as well, constantly pushing the boundaries of what wedding photography is.

And now, she’s offering a mentorship program where she’ll teach you what she knows.

Mentoring with Susan

Susan’s broken down her approach to wedding photography in 8 weeks of online course study.

Each week for 6 weeks you’ll get video lessons covering various parts of wedding photography – Details shots, Portraits, etc. – that you can use to learn at your own pace (though the lessons are designed to only take you about 20 minutes per day).

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of all of the topics covered:

  • Photographing Details (things like ring shots and other macro photography fine tuning)
  • Photographing the Bride Getting Ready
  • Family Formals
  • Bridal Portraits
  • Bride and Groom Portraits
  • Photographing the Reception

Then, at the end of the 6 weeks, you’ll get two weeks of image critiques where you submit your images for Susan’s review. The reviews will be recorded too, and available to other students to learn from.

So you not only get to learn from your own images, but from other photographers as well – sort of like sitting in on a print competition judging.

Registration is Limited

Registration is only open until October 11th, and right now during the launch the course is $100 off (so the next time it opens it’ll be more expensive!).

Susan has over a decade of experience in the wedding industry, and has taught on multiple platforms (including WPPI, PPA, and Creative Live, among others), so if you’d really like to learn from the best, this is the place to do it.

Click here to check out more details about the course.



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