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Suzy says:

“This photo session is all about the location. This is a favorite location of mine, but after hearing the news of a fire there I went out to see which areas were affected.

I was instantly amazed at how beautiful it looked! I couldn’t wait to shoot in the charred areas. A friend (Edi Valcheva) and I had been talking about doing a shoot together, and I knew this spot would be perfect.

I’ve always been a fan of all types of music, and I feel music heals all wounds. Seeing the charred forest, I envisioned a model playing an instrument in the rubble.

The story then started to form in my mind – everything around her is destroyed but she still has her music, and from the rubble comes new life, light and hope.

Together Edi and I brought all of the elements together for a wonderful creative shoot.”

Suzy’s Photography Tip:

My photography tip would be do scout out interesting locations. Find something unique, something that can tell a story whether it be something creative or a location special to your client.


New Beginning



Music is Life

Suzy used a Canon 6D with a Canon 70-200 II lens to capture these images.

Suzy Mead is a Southern Nevada Portrait photographer.

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