This is a prime example of why shooting in winter can be fantastic. Layers, faux fur, and so much texture.

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Victoria says:

“Michaela’s session was a senior and dance session combo. I had worked with her in the past with dance, but was more than excited to be taking her senior photos as well.

We shot the session on Michigan State University’s campus, at the Board Art Museum and a few other areas around campus. It was absolutely freezing out, but Michaela was more than willing to brave the cold (even with bare legs!).

The first half of her session was focused on dance, using part of her costume from The Nutcracker. She wanted an “alternative” look, so she paired it with a lace top, bare legs, and long hair rather than the traditional top, tights, and a bun.

The second half of her session focused on her awesome sense of style. Not only is she gorgeous, but she also has some pretty amazing clothes.”

Victoria’s Photography Tip:

This session was shot on a very cold, overcast, ugly day. We made sure to bring plenty of blankets to bundle her up between shots, and I made heavy use of a reflector to brighten up her face.

Sometimes, it’s hard for clients to trust us when we tell them that shooting when it’s twenty-five degrees out, overcast, and in the dead of winter (with no snow in sight), can actually be a great thing.

By continually raving about the photos throughout the session, I know I helped Michaela and her mom both feel more comfortable with the shoot.

During outfit changes, I’d look through what we’d already shot and talk about how amazing they were turning out, how excited I was to process them and show them.

I’d also thank them for trusting my instinct and experience, and continued to reassure them that overcast days are better than full on sunshine because the light looks better, there are less squinting eyes, etc.

I know that both Michaela and her mom left the session feeling confident with the images that we got, as well as the experience as a whole.

This has to be my favorite dance photo from the set. This perfectly captures Micheala's essence.
Dancing on pointe always turns out beautifully in photographs. Attention to the little details, like the arch of her foot, makes all the difference.
Allowing her to have freedom with posing during the dance portion of our session provided with some very elegant images.
This image showcases the "alternative" feel that Michaela was hoping for.
The tall grassy areas around the museum provided for some great contrast compared to the metal building.
Allowing Michaela to relax throughout or session helped keep poses flowing freely and  natural looking.
Michaela's eyes were just to die for. I had to showcase them in at least one image.

Victoria used a Canon 6D (affiliate link) with a Sigma 70-200mm 2.8 lens (affiliate link) to capture these images.

Victoria Simmons is a Columbus, GA and Phenix City, AL Seniors and Couples photographer.

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Working with seniors is really fun and rewarding, but also challenging – who are you marketing to? Their parents? The seniors themselves?

Thankfully, the masterminds at Seniors Ignite (affiliate link) recognize this challenge, and have put together a ton of free information on their website all about addressing this issue. Check out the Seniors Ignite Website (affiliate link).

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