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Leah says:

“This was a recent newborn session of an 8-day-old little boy with TONS of hair! I shot this session in the family’s home.”

Leah’s Photography Tip:

I am a newborn photographer who mostly shoots the “posed” style with newborns. I shoot mainly in my client’s homes, and I used to take everything I own with me to a session (so many backdrops and props!).

Now, I plan each session ahead of time so that I don’t need to take every single thing I own with me and spend time sorting through a bunch of stuff during the session. I usually¬†only bring a few blankets and a couple of props with me, which really¬†simplifies my workflow and reduces my packing/unpacking time.

When I am shooting a session in my client’s home, I love to spend a little bit of time at the end of their session getting some “lifestyle” images of the family, such as images on mom and dad’s bed, baby in his crib, and baby sleeping peacefully in a simple swaddling blanket, etc.

Lifestyle images are loved because they show more ‘real’ moments between a family and their baby. For this session and this family, the baby really does sleep in the crib, and the family really does snuggle up together on their couch or bed and show their new baby to his big sister, so I wanted to make sure I grabbed images of those interactions.

Some of the last shots from this session were the most simple to capture. As I was preparing to wrap up the session, he baby was swaddled in a simple white blanket, and he was sleeping very soundly.

I had already taken a few frames of him in his crib, and I pulled out a simple off-white blanket and laid him on it on the floor near the window in his room. Those simple close-ups of his face, his hands, and his little tiny toes are my favorites from the session.

Of course you can’t foresee every scenario that may happen, but cutting down on what you take with you and having a flexible “session plan” in mind before you go can save you a lot of time and trunk space!






Leah used a Nikon D700 with a Nikon 50mm f/1.4 lens, a Nikon 35mm f/1.4 lens, and a Nikon 105mm f/2.8 macro lens to capture these images.

Leah Jent is a Dayton, Ohio Birth, Baby, and Family Portraits photographer.

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