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Stephanie says:

“This photo session is pretty special to me because it was such a needed creative release for myself.

For a big chunk of the year I had been photographing the same types of shoots without having time to do any creative work on my own. So I grabbed one of my favorite models and we made an afternoon of it.”

Stephanie’s Photography Tip:

My biggest tip to photographers is to not shoot at a time where you don’t really have control of the sun.

You’re so limited at high noon that it’s hard to get that really pretty lighting that either early morning sunrise or sunset can achieve.

Another tip is to capture photos the way you want them to be edited.

For example, if I want my photos to be on the warm side, then I set my in-camera white balance to a little on the warm side so my images come straight out of camera closer to the way I want them to look as a finished product.

I do this to minimize the amount of post-processing and over-editng as much as possible.


Stephanie used a Nikon D4s (affiliate link) with a 35mm lens to capture these images.

Stephanie Parsley is a Central and Northwest Arkansas Wedding and Portrait photographer, but also shoots all over the country and internationally as well.

Click here to see more tips on Camera Settings.

If you still need a bit of help with the manual settings on your camera (which you need to know how to do to custom set white balance), one of our favorite quick-start guides by Photography Concentrate will put you on the fast path to nailing it!


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