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Tosha Says:

This session was so much fun for me and my spokesmodels. I went with a fun theme – Jewel tones – to inspire their clothing choices and makeup. I think it turned out better than I had anticipated and the girls love sharing their images with their friends which brings me more referrals…SCORE!

Group laughing

This was my second year with my Senior Spokesmodel program and I had made some huge changes to pump it up! Here are the major changes I made to the fashion shoot to generate a ton of interest and help my girls promote me as much as possible:

1. Offering two different shoots.

My first change was offering two different fashion shoots instead of one. I broke the girls in to two groups so they could decide which one they were most interested in. One of them was a winter wonderland shoot and the other was the jewel tone inspired spring shoot (which is the one I’m featuring here).

This gave my models some options in case they weren’t interested in a jewel shoot or a winter wonderland shoot; they at least had another option to choose from.

Briana alley way

2. I spoiled my girls.

The next change was how I set up the shoot and spoiled the girls throughout the whole thing. When I was planning for my shoot I gave each girl a jewel tone color that would compliment their skin tone, hair and eye color. I worked closely with my MUA to help me make that decision and to determine how their makeup would feature that color. We decided to focus the color on their eyes and lips (one or the other on each girl).

This made each model feel pampered, and like I was paying close attention to each and every one (because of course, I was!).

Haleigh and Briana

3. Color swatches.

Next I gave each girl their color swatch (just picked up some color swatches from my local hardware store) and told them to go shopping! I started a GroupMe group for my Spokesmodels where they could share their finds with me and each other. This helped me make sure their outfits meshed well together and it showed the other girls what to expect. (And it made them totally excited for the shoot too!)

Ashlyn walking

4. Snacks.

During hair and makeup I had yummy snacks and a lunch ready to go since this was going to be a long day. I made sure of any food allergies ahead of time (one of them ended up being allergic to gluten). Making sure there is enough for the moms is important too! Don’t forget them 🙂


5. SnapChat.

Yes, SnapChat! One of the funnest and best marketing things I did was had a SnapChat takeover the day of the shoot. I got the idea from Ari Dorfman, who shared this with all the Seniors Ignite followers. I gave each girl a pre-designed image to post on their Instagram, the day before the shoot, that said they would be taking over my SnapChat for the next day and to follow me @toshacolephoto.

Then, the day of the shoot I had them post pics and video during their hair and makeup, during the shoot, and so on. I gained a ton of followers and had over 100 people viewing my story from that day!

Ashlyn window

6. Easy Promotion.

Finally, I focused on making sure my models could easily promote my studio with these images. I made sure that each Spokesmodel had a mobile app from StickyAlbums of the best images from the day. I even ran a contest that whoever got the most views and shares by the end of the month won an awesome prize.

Group sitting serious

There’s so much more to planning a Spokesmodel shoot than just picking outfits and makeup. You have to make sure it will generate interest and excitement that will lead to new clients.

I hope this helped give you some great ideas to pump up your Spokesmodel program!


Tosha used a Nikon D700 (affiliate link) & Nikon D300(affiliate link) with a Nikkor 85mm 1.4 lens (affiliate link) and a Nikkor 70-200mm 2.8 lens (affiliate link) to capture these images.

Tosha Lijewski is a Saginaw, Michigan Seniors Portraits photographer.

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Tosha has some great ideas regarding senior portrait photography, but if you’re looking for more, Seniors Ignite is really the place to get it. Everything from lighting to marketing to sales, you name it, they have information about it.


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