Today’s Giveaway: The Lightroom Workshop Collection by SLR Lounge!


With hours of comprehensive education along with the most powerful Lightroom Presets available, the Lightroom Workshop Collection by SLR Lounge contains all of the education and tools needed for any photographer (of any experience level) to run a full studio using Lightroom.

The Workshop Collection includes three separate DVDs, including:

  1. Lightroom Organization and Workflow – learn the basics of image management and shows you how to process your images faster and more efficiently.
  2. Lightroom Image Processing Mastery – all about image processing in Lightroom, and the basics of image processing from color correction to more advanced editing like HDR, tilt-shift, and vintage fades.
  3. Lightroom Presets – a full set of video tutorials that teach you how to maximize the presets, PLUS over 300 presets to speed up and enhance your Lightroom Editing


To enter for a chance to win, simply use the form below. To learn more about SLR Lounge, click here.

If you are on a mobile phone and can’t see all the fields, click here to access the contest widget directly.

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Good luck!!


P.S. Want to purchase the Lightroom Workshop Collection? Head on over here and check it out!!


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  1. Lightroom is like a labyrinth. It looks like there’s no way of finding the exit. I hope I can mange it with this book.

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