Today’s Giveaway: The Really Easy Retouching Guide!

Retouching images can really give your photos that finished look you’re going for.

And you can learn how to do it two ways. First, you can learn by trial and error, and waste a lot of time (and money, really) in the process.

Or, you can let someone experienced show you how to do it right the first time.


(I like option two, don’t you??)

The masterminds at Photography Concentrate are at it again too, and have put together an awesome guide to teach you some of the most basic retouching skills that most photographers use on a regular basis.

There’s a lot of great stuff in the guide, such as how to:

  • Clear up dark circles, blemishes, skin tones, and sweat and shine
  • Brighten eyes and whiten teeth
  • Get rid of distractions in the background
  • Round out chins/double chins
  • Complete the head swap!

And if they made it, you know it’ll be easy to understand and learn from – especially since the tutorial is composed of 12 videos you can watch and follow along with.

Here’s a couple examples of what you’ll be learning and the types of results you can expect:

Sweat and Shine:


Chin Rounding:


Distraction Removal:


 Head Swaps:


Pretty cool, huh?


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