Today’s Giveaway: Easy Peasy Master Disaster Oh S**t Kit!

Master-Disaster-Kit-ThumbnailThe Easy Peasy Master Disaster Oh S**t Kit is a fillable form designed for the tech-savvy as well as the tech-challenged, but mostly designed for your family if they have to access and clean up your client files in the event that you are injured or incapacitated.

The form is so simple that even your mother could easily read and understand this – even if she still uses AOL dial-up and still hand-writes her grocery lists.

It features 22 pages along with 14 pages of fillable forms that cover every aspect of your business affairs – from business basics, recurring expenses, and vendors, to a master gear list and master client list.

Why This Is Important

If you’ve hung around any photography groups or forums over the years no doubt you “know” a photographer online that you’ve never met. In fact, you may have even known them for years.  Imagine that one day you log on to find out they are gone.  This happened to the creators of this e-Book. Overnight, a twist of fate… and a photographer they interacted with on a nearly daily basis was gone.

In the months that followed photographers from her area rallied around her family helping her husband sort out contractual issues and piecing together what needed to be done.

But he knew nothing about the day-to-day running of her business.

Nothing.  He didn’t even know the password to get into her computer.

It took nearly a year to untangle where things were and who needed what, and there were several really stressful situations with clients who called not knowing the photographer had passed, angry that she had missed their event.

Imagine dealing with that as a grieving husband and dad.


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