Black and white images¬†can be a great way to really amp up the emotion in an image and re-focus an image to a certain expression or aspect in a way that a colored version just can’t.

You can try the automatic black and white settings, but a lot of times that just doesn’t cut it and your image doesn’t have the same pop you’ve imagined.

And there’s a reason for that – you have to approach editing black and white images¬†differently than you approach editing colored images.

For example – that bicycle that was green in the colored version of the image is now the same color of gray as the background.

Here’s a great example to illustrate my point:


Many of the colors in the image on the left, once turned gray, were roughly the same color gray as the rest of the colors in the image.

But with a little knowledge on how editing black and white images work, you can really transform the image on the left into the very dramatic and stunning image on the right.

Here’s a little snippet of some of the things you’ll learn from Photography Concentrate in the tutorial:


Pretty cool stuff, huh?

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Good luck!



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