Fun Family Portraits by Ana Pascos

Relaxed Family

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Ana says:

“This was a truly incredible session! Originally intended to be a maternity-slash-family session, it turned out to be a super fun, tickle fest of curiosity.

Like all young children, these munchkins were much more interested in playing with their newly-discovered toys than paying attention to the camera.

But by embracing their curiosity and allowing them the freedom to be themselves, I was not only able to capture the authentic versions of their young personalities, but allowed them to have a great time doing it!”

Ana’s Photography Tip:

The best tip I can give to a photographer shooting young children is to just go with it!

Kids can be a bit of a challenge to pose, calm down, or made to look at the camera. But sometimes it is just as important to let them be themselves and have fun with you.

Once you interact with them and they start having a good time, the photos speak for themselves!

If you remember this tip when working with children, you’ll be able to capture authentic smiles and interactions that are precious at this age and dear to a parent’s heart.

Silly Face
Who's there?
Family time
Tickle time

Ana used a Nikon d300 with a Nikon AF-S 24-70 F2.8 lens to capture these images.

Ana Pascos is a Toronto, Canada Newborn and Family photographer.

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