Jumping for Pink Joy

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Christa says:

“I was out exploring the beautiful island we live on and by accident found this amazing and wonderful hot pink laundromat. I KNEW I had to take my 2 girls there for a stylized session.

We grabbed all of their hot pink and black clothing, including 80’s style gloves and sunglasses and headed over the small laundromat on a beautiful sunny day.

We were lucky that no one happened to be laundering at the time and had the entire place to ourselves to laugh and have fun.”

Christa’s Photography Tip:

Photos that convey a colorful and fun spirit are what speak to me in my own photography journey.

I think it’s important to keep photography fresh by exploring the area in which I live, looking for new and fun locations to take clients.

I often go on photo field trips looking for these fun locations (while also looking at light), as it really reignites the passion for why I do what I do.

It gets me excited to take my own family there for photos or present it to a client and discuss how we will make their session fun and colorful at the particular location.

If you’re always on the lookout for new and interesting places, and take the time to really search them out, you’ll always have a fresh perspective and a renewed energy in shooting at an unfamiliar location.

All You Need is A Guitar and Some Pink
Sisterly Love

Christa used a Canon 6D with a 24-70mm L series lens to capture these images.

Christa Paustenbaugh is a Okinawa, Japan and (soon to be) Newport, Rhode Island Family, Maternity and Child photographer.

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