Brooke Shaden is an amazing Fine Art photographer. Recently, she created a time-lapse video of some of the shoots she did while traveling:

A scroll through the images I captured while traveling this last month. I did a total of 30 photo shoots, 28 of which are represented here. Many are self-portraits, and the others are modeled by my amazing friends: Jen Brook, Lieke Anna Photography, Bonnie Caton Photography, Zuke Photography, Mia Hutchinson, Kelly McGrady, KD Stapleton. 33 down, 27 to go! Lots of death in these new pictures, going back to my roots, and asking myself why, truly, I love to create.Music: “Glacial Skies” (how perfect!) by Robin Housman & Russell Kostulin.

–Brooke Shaden


We’ve featured Brooke’s work before, and you can check it out here.

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