New York Newborn Photography by Karilyn Sanders Photography

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Karilyn says:

“This mother contacted me about photographing her son’s Jewish bris ceremony. Unfortunately, the ceremony fell on a Saturday which meant there could be no photography. So I went to their Upper East side apartment the day before and did a newborn session instead!”

Karilyn’s Photography Tip:

I’m an on-location photographer, so I asked the client to send me some photos of her apartment before the session to show me what sort of natural lighting they had. New York apartments can be tricky, since they are usually small and don’t always have good window light.

If the pictures the client sent me showed that they didn’t have good windows, I would have brought my speed light + umbrella setup. But in this case, the client had a large window in their bedroom. The window was at least 10 feet wide, so I posed the newborn on their bed, which was parallel to the window about 5 feet away.

It was an overcast day but there was still plenty of light, and I used my 50mm lens at f/2.8, shutter speed between 125-200 with ISO 320. I brightened up the photos in Photoshop, but they still had good lighting straight out of the camera.

I did 90% of the shoot on their bed, without any backdrop/backdrop stand. They had a white bedspread, which definitely helped as a large reflector to bounce more light on the baby. These things are important when you can’t bring a ton of gear with you!

New York family, photographed by Karilyn Sanders Photography
New York mother and her newborn son, photographed by Karilyn Sanders Photography
New York Newborn Photography by Karilyn Sanders Photography
New York Newborn Photography by Karilyn Sanders Photography
New York Newborn Photography by Karilyn Sanders Photography

Karilyn used a Canon 7D (affiliate link) with a Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens (affiliate link) and a Canon 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 lens (affiliate link) to capture these images.

Karilyn Sanders is a New York City metro Newborn + Baby photographer.

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