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Oded says:

“During the last ten years, my work has brought me to meet a lot of really interesting people around the world: from hanging out with the young and very cool people of Tokyo, to traveling with a nomadic group in Kyrgyzstan.

Although I met what we like to call “exotic” groups of people, in my photography, I try to remove the differences and emphasize the similarities.”

Oded’s Photography Tip:

My best tip is – get closer. When photographing a person from a distance, it is easy to emphasize the “different” and “exotic”. I find this kind of photography a bit old-fashioned.

Instead, try to get closer in order to tell the story of the individual. Showing a person with a tribal hat is nice to watch, but telling a story about this person, for me, is much more interesting.

In order to make it easier to carry out the previous tip, here is another one – leave your tele-lens at home. If you take a tele-lens with you, you will use it. If you use it, you will keep photographing people from a distance.

A wide (less than 50mm lens) will force you to get closer. Now, a lens which is wider then 50mm may create a distortion (expand the subject). That’s true. But then, so what?! Let it add a unique aspect to your image instead.


Oded used a Canon 5D Mark III (with a Canon 40D as a backup) with a Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II lens to capture these images.

Oded Wagenstein is an International Travel photographer and writer, and regular contributor to the National Geographic Traveler magazine.

And, if you think this tip is interesting, check out Oded’s newest eBook SNAPN TRAVEL and learn how to create better travel photographs on your next journey!

*Special thank from the author to Jane Cowan for help in writing this article.

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