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Richard says:

“Gavin and Florence wanted a rural and beach shoot. We traveled south just into New South Wales to do this, at a place called Kingscliff, which holds Cabarita Beach. We spent the afternoon traveling around, chatting and exploring the different locations.

The day was dark and gloomy, and it comes off on the images – which I really like.”

Richard’s Photography Tip:

If you want your couple to be relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera, you need to pull out the social skills rather than the photography prowess. It’s very important to form a connection with them if you want them to be relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera.

Many times I will carpool with my clients to the locations, which is a great way to set off the conversations and ultimately start a bonding session.

It quickly makes them feel comfortable around me and most importantly, when I turn up to their wedding day they treat me like a friend rather than someone they are paying.

In the afternoon, this shoot was under a cloudy sky. It was dark and gloomy, and I loved that I could use it to bring out moods in the photos. If I’m shooting into a dark sky, I don’t mind under exposing my images to show the emotion.

If you follow this advice, you’ll form a good connection with their couple, and they will be able to ask for less and get more. The couple will feel comfortable and it will show in the images.

It can be risky underexposing into a dark sky, so it needs to be done so with care. If you can do it, it will up the mood and emotions.




Richard used a Canon 5D3 with a Sigma 35mm, Sigma 85mm, and Canon 45 TSE lens to capture these images.

Richard Grainger is a Brisbane, Australia Wedding photographer.

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