Sunset story time

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Sarah says:

“I wanted to create something sweet, warm, and all about childhood. This session features two sisters and their best friend.

For the set up, I brought a camping bed frame, an extra twin mattress, white blankets and a nursery rhyme book. We planned it right at the end of the “golden hour” of the evening.”

Sarah’s Photography Tip:

When dealing with children it is best to think like one! By figuring out what they love and giving them something distracting to do, you’ll have an easier time capturing their true personalities.

For this particular session, once the kiddos arrived, naturally they wanted nothing to do with the bed and only wanted to run around the field.

So, to get them into story time mode, we guided them onto the “set”, handed the book to the big sister (who can’t quite read yet) and started asking about the pictures on the pages, asking them to find mother goose or count the stars, etc. (This is where the distraction part comes into play.)

That way, we were able to capture their natural expressions and personalities while they sat and “read” the book.

A little guidance and zero interference provided natural and relaxed results. Their mothers were also on set to help with the reflector as well as fix hair/wardrobe malfunctions.

Best friends
Story time and friends

Sarah used a Sony A77 with a Minolta 50mm 1.7 lens to capture these images.

Sarah Parker is a Tacoma, Seattle, and Olympia Washington Children, Seniors, and Family photographer.

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