[pinit count=”horizontal” description=”Check out this featured session on Belovely You http://www.belovelyyou.com”]Today’s feature is from Antje Egbert.

Antje says:

“For my studio’s first birthday I wanted to take some funny pics, so I decided to use the pompoms I created for my first test shoot exactly one year before.
I asked my daughter for help, and so we took these images.”

Antje’s Photography Tip:

Originally I had just planned to just take a few pictures in front of my blue-and-red-dotted backdrop, but you know what happens when you are motivated by one good picture – you want to take more!

But of course, by the time I decided I wanted to take more pictures we didn’t have too much time left, so I couldn’t create a new set or change what I had to be something more complex.

However, a little change of perspective creates a completely different picture!

First we took some pictures with my pompoms, which had a lot of motion. They look and feel like “birthday party is coming, yeah!!!!” and are really fun and playful.

After the pics with the pompoms I took very simple, arranged portraits of Lotta. I took them as a close-up portrait, which subdued the flashy dots on the backdrop (making sure to use the lens wide open so as to focus on the face and create a lovely bokeh).

Just one turn around we found our next and completely different set.

When I first took the pompom pictures I had the daylight from my windows behind me – along with my sofa. So for the next scene, I posed Lotta on the sofa and used the light from the windows, but as backlighting this time.

If I didn’t have the sofa in my studio, I could very well have also had Lotta sit on the floor or in a little chair – another super simple, easy, low-maintenance set that would have also added variety to this session.

Post-production was very minimal, and I edited the images in LR and PS to adjust contrast, brightness, red skin and clipping.

modest portrait
sofa szene
lying on sofa

Antje used a Canon 5D MKIII with a Canon 85mm f/1.8 lens to capture these images.

Antje Egbert is a Germany/NRW Portrait photographer.

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