Little Halina

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Martie says:

“This little blessing was an extra special session. This couple spent 3 years working to get her here. With the help of a surrogate their prayers were finally answered. She is the most beautiful, tiny girl I have come across in my studio. She has gorgeous, long lashes with a head full of dark curly hair. It was wonderful to get to capture these images for them to always cherish.”

Martie’s Photography Tip:

To light this session, I used a 5’ x 4’ soft box placed perpendicular to the baby, shooting down the baby’s body, not up the nose. One large reflector on the opposite side of the light (parallel). Patience! Patience! Patience! Once you have a pose, get the shot and then go back and perfect it. This is the time to act like a perfectionist, wether your are one or not. Pay attention to every finger, toe, hair…

When it comes to editing, editing newborns can be a little different because they tend to have a lot of red tones in their skin. Reducing the reds (with a preset, action, or on your own) will help create that beautiful creamy look to their skin. Sharpen and Darken the eyelashes and lash line to show off those lashes. I also love to use a soft pink brush to add just a touch of color to their cheeks. This helps make for a healthy, beautiful looking baby.

By following these tips and lots of practice you will be able to produce images you and your clients will be proud to have.

Precious Pearls
Pretty in Pink
Sweet baby cakes
Tiny Teddy Bear
Pink Cheeks

Martie used a Canon 5D Mark II with a Canon 24-70L 2.8 lens to capture these images.

Martie Hampton is a Frisco and Dallas, TX Newborn photographer.

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