Senior Portrait with mom's favorite dress

[pinit count=”horizontal” description=”Check out this featured session on Belovely You”]Today’s feature is from Dana Zebrowski.

Dana says:

“This was a very special photo session as it featured a senior from the dance studio I teach at. I have watched Hanna grow up and become a beautiful young lady and an amazing dancer.

Her mom had dreamed of having portraits taken of Hanna in a simple black leotard and skirt with pointe shoes, and I totally loved this idea. So simple, yet so glamorous and elegant!

Hanna and her mom had the best time shopping and coming up with outfits for Hanna to wear. They had lots of ideas for props and we managed to get it all in, so we shot the session all the way up until dark.

The gusts of wind and looming dark clouds couldn’t stop us! Hanna totally rocked it!”

Dana’s Photography Tip:

It can be challenging to balance a session when you have a parent who wants traditional photos and a senior who wants a more modern look, so my tip for this session is to combine classic and traditional poses and settings to please the parents with a more edgy and modern looks to please the senior.

During Hanna’s senior session, we chose outfits that both Hanna had picked out as well as her mom’s favorites. We also made sure to include poses and locations that made them both happy as well as showed off each of the styles they were looking for.

Hanna wanted the beach and her mom wanted something with flowers and a greener backdrop. Thankfully we found both at the marina location we chose.

Hanna and her mom couldn’t have been happier with the result. We covered the more traditional photos with Hanna holding a sign saying “Class of 2015” and posing on a green lawn and under flowering trees. For the more modern look, we did poses on the docks, the beach (Hanna’s choice) and with a more dramatic feel.

Her mom wanted photos of Hanna in a classic black leotard and skirt and we combined this look with a dramatic feel. A looming storm gave us the dark background and the poses added to the drama.

So when you have two very different ideas for a session, don’t panic. Just try to find a way to pick the most important aspects each person wants and work them in. It can be done, you may just have to use some creativity.

Senior Portrait dancer pose
Senior Portrait traditional pose on beach, a compromise
Senior Portrait dance pose, classic yet edgy

Dana used a Canon 5D Mark II with a Canon 85mm 1.2 lens and a Canon 35mm 1.4 lens to capture these images.

Dana Zebrowski is a Hampton Roads Family, children, Wedding, and Couples photographer.

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Seniors can be a lot of fun to work with, but marketing for seniors can be a little different than marketing for other types of portrait sessions.

The masterminds behind Seniors Ignite know this too, so make sure to check out what they have to say on the subject.



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