Documenting Baby’s Growth by Doing In-Home Sessions

Baby boy standing in crib

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Stefanie says:

“I used to be pretty intimated when I had to photograph a family session inside a client’s home, but those sessions have actually become some of my favorite, especially for sessions during baby’s first year.

With young babies and children, I like to keep things really simple and often find it easier to play with them in their own space, where we have quick access to favorite toys, lovies and snacks and can document their first home.

I love the creative challenge of figuring out where in the home I want to shoot, and what I want to incorporate from their home to make the session unique and personal to each client.”

Stefanie’s Photography Tip:

In-home sessions for baby’s first year are a wonderful way to capture natural interactions and document baby’s growth in a unique way in their first home.

My main goal for in-home sessions during baby’s first year is to keep things simple and relaxed. I want my photos to show my client’s true personalities and capture them interacting naturally.

For baby’s first year sessions, one of my favorite things is to incorporate places or things that I’ve used with them at previous sessions to document baby’s growth – in this particular session, I was able to use the baby crib again with one of the newborn portraits hanging above the crib.

I think it’s such a sweet visual reminder for the parents to see just how quickly their sleepy newborn has grown into a moving and curious baby/toddler.

Baby boy sitting in nursery
Baby boy crawling in nursery
Family photo with dog in nursery
Mom kissing baby boy

Stefanie used a Nikon D700 with a Sigma 35mm lens to capture these images.

Stefanie Harrington is a Washington, DC metro Birth, Newborn, and Family portrait photographer.

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