Closeup of expecting mother tummy with golden backlight

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Tanya says:

“Marin and Michael traveled to Canada over Christmas to visit family and wanted to take some maternity photos since the small town they live in doesn’t have a photographer. This was a very special session, as they had been trying for a long time to have a baby. We were lucky that the weather was warm enough to do some nature locations.”

Tanya’s Photography Tip:

Shooting with the clients directly in the sun can be difficult, but if done late in the day it creates beautiful, colorful results. With the lower sun in December, I was able to achieve this look in the mid-afternoon rather than waiting until closer to sunset when it would be too cold for the family.

Even when the sun is lower, it’s important not to have the subjects look directly at you because they will usually squint. Instead, it’s a perfect opportunity to get candid photos of them interacting with each other.

These late afternoon sunlit images turned out dramatic with deep, rich colors while still being easy for the subjects to keep their eyes open in the sun.

Family of three with expecting mother
Close up of father and mother holding tummy
Expecting mother looking at her belly in trees
Young boy hugging mother's stomach

Tanya used a Canon 5D MIII with a Canon 100mm 2.8L lens and a Canon 24-70mm 2.8L lens to capture these images.

Tanya Plonka is a Lethbridge, Alberta Wedding and Portraits photographer.

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