Ashley and Drew's Milwaukee Engagement Session

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Jake says:

“When I met with this couple we bonded over beer and Milwaukee. Drew is a home brewer, and we ended up talking about beer, life, and Milwaukee more than their actual wedding. That is actually one of the major reasons why they booked me for their wedding.

Fast forward to their engagement session, we knew we wanted some Milwaukee locations and because of the beer connection, we met up at Lakefront Brewery and then headed down to the Lakefront. Beer and Lake Michigan, and two awesome people looking good – who could ask for more?”

Jake’s Photography Tip:

My tip would be: Be Yourself

Be yourself and have fun. That is the cornerstone of my work. Right from the very start of my relationship with these two lovely people, I was just myself. I made a real connection with them right from our first meeting. I connected with them, instead of trying to sell to them. That was the start of our working relationship.

When we met up for their engagement session, they already knew they were in good hands. All I had to do was continue the fun, lighthearted feel through the actual session. So, how do you do that? By being yourself.

I never try to pose people too much, because that is not how I work best. The images always turn out too stiff for me. So I work more fluidly, find good light, joke around, talk a lot, get people as comfortable as I can so I can make an image of them that looks like them.

I work fast and am always thinking of the next image so there is no “dead air”. If we are walking to a new location I am finding out new things about them and relating those things to my own life, as well as letting them know what I am doing and why. I am strengthening the connection with them, which puts them at ease and gives me more freedom to work.

For me, the stronger the connection I can make with the people I am photographing, the better the images end up looking. And I do that simply by not over-thinking things, being myself, and having fun.

Ashley and Drew's Milwaukee Engagement Session
Ashley and Drew's Milwaukee Engagement Session
Ashley and Drew's Milwaukee Engagement Session
Ashley and Drew's Milwaukee Engagement Session
Ashley and Drew's Milwaukee Engagement Session
Ashley and Drew's Milwaukee Engagement Session
Ashley and Drew's Milwaukee Engagement Session

Jake used a Canon 5D MkIII with a Canon 50mm f/1.2 lens, a Canon 24mm f/1.4 lens, and a Canon 85mm f/1.8 lens to capture these images.

Jake Rohde is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin Wedding and Portrait photographer.

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┬áHave a hard time relaxing with your clients? We’re not all chatterboxes, and sometimes it can be hard to relax and open up with your clients – which makes situations like this difficult.

Don’t sweat it though, because you’re definitely not the only one, and there are other photographers out there that have had the same issue and found ways to work around it.



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