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Nikki says:

“David and Erin’s amazing engagement session took place near Lincoln, and I had the honor of visiting the ranch where Erin’s beloved horse live – a place that is both profoundly beautiful and deeply important to both Erin and David.

It never ceases to amaze me, this job of mine – it’s like a key that lets me “in,” like a confidant or a close friend, to some of the most important places and times in peoples’ lives.”

Nikki’s Photography Tip:

I always schedule my portrait shoots to begin a few hours before sunset, to take advantage of the prime light of the day. I love my golden hour…who doesn’t! This couple was easy to work with (and it shows) but even when a couple is really relaxed, I always guide them somewhat in their posing and interactions.

Taking charge (in a positive, easygoing way of course) is really important to the way I interact with my clients at a shoot. I direct them through most of the poses, giving them suggestions and often making changes to their pose/movements once they’ve gotten into it.

Even though it seems counterintuitive, gentle but thoughtful posing is really key to helping my clients relax and be themselves – they feel taken care of, and that they can focus on each other and not have to worry about if something looks “off.”

I love making sure my clients look their absolute best (and I always give them plenty of tips ahead of time to maximize the session). I see this as my job, not my clients’ job – after all, why would I expect my clients to know how to look good in a photo (unless perhaps they are professional models)?

I also love to have couples play little games for me, to get to their natural smiles and flirting expressions. I’ve found some inspiration in the Beloved type of shoot, although I don’t use those techniques at every session. I have quite a list of ideas and games to get them moving, which helps keep the mood happy and affectionate.



Nikki used a Canon 5D Mark II, with a 35L, 50L, 85 and 135L prime lens to capture these images.

Nikki Moore is a Lincoln, Nebraska Wedding and Portrait photographer.

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When you’re out in the countryside like this shoot here, it’s quite obvious you can’t quickly retrieve something you may have left behind.

Make sure you have everything with you when you leave for this type of shoot, and a professional, easy way of carrying it all.


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