We really do want to know what would you like to see from BeLovely You going forward. As most of you know, the site has recently changed ownership. And we love what BeLovely You is and does, and want to continue to make it an amazing resource for portrait photographers everywhere. 

What Would you Like to See From Us?

We are in the process of working on ways to help our readers get even more business.  Do you think we could use an online directory of photographers in each area? Would you like a method for advertising on the site? How can we best serve you?

In the interest of making this a win-win for everyone, we really do want to make this site a hub for photographers to come and share ideas.  That means, we want to hear from you.  To do this, we are willing to even change the format of the site to accommodate our readers.

If you haven’t submitted an article (and you have camera tips to share), why not? Not only do you get to have a credible web magazine showcasing your work, you will also get Pinterest recognition as people find your pictures fascinating.  Your tips are invaluable to the community, and those photographers that are involved with BeLovely You get free education on awesome tips for different style of photography.  This helps everyone expand their capabilities and helps to make photographers more well-rounded.

What Do you Want to Read More about on BeLovely You?

Would you like to read more tutorials? More product reviews? Maybe more stuff on lighting or editing, or something new altogether (like pet photography)?

Share your ideas below and tell us what you want to see and why! We can’t wait to hear your suggestions!

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Published by Beth Teutschmann

A big fan of food, chaos, and all things fun, Beth is the owner of Starboard Editing, LLC - a photography post-production company focusing on anything from editing to blogging and SEO. When she's required to leave the confines of her dark room, she enjoys martial arts, eating, tattoos, cooking, ice cream, sillyness, eating, and traveling. You should probably say hi.

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