[pinit count=”horizontal” description=”Check out this featured session on Belovely You”]Today’s feature is from Amy Jensen.

Amy says:

“I love working with children. They are often unpredictable, but always give me some of my favorite photos.

These photos were taken in a small farming community in beautiful Cache Valley, Utah.”

Amy’s Photography Tip:

When creating a stylized photo shoot, planning is very important. Everything must be hand-selected, from the models to the location and everything in between.

Here’s how I approached the planning for this vintage-inspired session:

Models – Picking models with the look that inspires your vision is a must. I knew I wanted to use my little boy as one of the models and needed to find a girl of a similar age.

By putting out a casting call on my Facebook page I quickly found an adorable little girl that fit my vision perfectly.

Location – I envisioned the shoot in an open field with little distractions. I also knew I would be shooting in the evening and wanted the sun to be the backlighting in my photo.

Lucky for me we live in a small community with plenty of choices, so finding a location that fit with my idea was relatively easy.

Props – I knew I wanted to shoot the kids on an old vintage truck, so as I drove around scouting the location I was also looking for the perfect vehicle positioned to get the backlight I was going for.

This old green truck was perfect.

The other props included their clothing as well as the suitcase. You can request that your models bring their own clothing that fits the theme or you can purchase the clothing (and if well-maintained, can probably use it again multiple times).

I usually do a combination of both, as I am a big fan of thrift stores and yard sales and use both places to find many of my props.

Once you’ve got your models, a location, and the props, all that’s left is picking a date and shooting.






As long as your planning is meticulous and you’re mindful of all the pieces you need to create the final vision, your results will be stunning.

Amy used a Nikon 610 with a Tamron 24-70mm F/2.8 lens to capture these images.

Amy Jensen is a Logan, Utah and Cache Valley Portrait photographer.

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