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James says:

“This day was a super sunny day for a couple’s engagement shoot and we took a boat out onto the river in Knaresborough to get something utterly unique.

It was hard not to constantly worry about losing all my kit to the bottom of the riverbed every time one of us moved in the boat, and the cramped conditions made it all the more difficult. But it was all completely worth it!

The scenario was so funny (especially with the bad rowing!), and it was a fun trip out that made it so easy to capture them both enjoying themselves with each other.”

James’s Photography Tip:

My tip is to help keep nervous couples relaxed in front of the camera by enabling them to create their own situations. Being in a boat meant they had something to focus on rather than building up that awkward feeling of being in front of the camera.

It also helped us create something new and unique rather than typical portrait photography. Controlling the light was rarely an issue as there were plenty of overhanging willow trees and bridges offering just the right amount of shade for good lighting – though navigating the boat into that shade was slightly more difficult!



James used a Canon 5d MkIII with a Sigma 35 1.4 lens to capture these images.

James Lester is a Leeds, UK Wedding photographer.

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