Mom baking cookies with daughters

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Maegan says:

“This session involved a lovely day of mom baking cookies with her daughters.”

Maegan’s Photography Tip:

When I plan a lifestyle session, I interview the clients on their actual lifestyle. I ask them what memories they want to capture, and we plan the lifestyle session based on those memories.

So for example, for this session, my client said that they wanted to preserve the memory of mom baking cookies with her girls – so that’s what we did!

Since I generally do my lifestyle sessions in about 1.5 hours or less, here’s an example of how I would plan it out with the family and some suggestions of things that clients may request:

  • If the family wants pictures of Dad reading books to the kids, have the book already laid out on the bed and ready to go.
  • Like this session, if you want pictures of mom baking cookies with the kids, have Mom have a batch of cookies already baked, and batter already prepared to play with.
  • If you want images of toenails or fingernails getting painted, make sure the clients have their nails painted beforehand. The brush can just be applied during the session for the camera to make it look like they’re painting their nails at that time (but will help you keep the session moving at a decent pace)

This is a really great way to make sure you’re capturing memories that are special and unique to each family you work with while also making sure you’re making the best use of your time during a session (and not having to wait around for nail polish to dry or cookies to bake!).

By taking this approach to lifestyle sessions, you’ll have a quick and easy session that documents the story of a family, without the pressure, stress, and mess of impromptu interaction.

Mom baking cookies with daughters

Mom baking cookies with daughters Mom baking cookies with daughters

Maegan used a Nikon D4 with a Nikon 24-70 2.8 lens to capture these images.

Maegan Hall is a Atlanta, GA Maternity, Birth + Lifestyle Photographer photographer.

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  1. But isn’t the point of Lifestyle photography to capture the moments as they happen? I don’t do lifestyle photography but I always heard it described that way. It seems like setting the scene up this way is more like just an in home session, posed somewhat just not traditionally like smiling, hand here, hand there, type thing. But, if it works and clients dig it then awesome! Your photos are fantastic too!

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