Everyone in your area is trying to get models to promote their studios. Except it’s not working for them because traditional rep programs don’t work.

Not only that, but the few models that those studios are getting aren’t ideal clients. Models who don’t place orders, expect everything for free and never refer anybody.

They are giving away more than they are bringing in!

And you know why?

You’re doing it wrong.

It’s time you started making more money in your senior business and attracted the right type of senior clients!

The Seniors Ignite Model Marketing System

Seniors Ignite is an industry-leading standard when it comes to Senior Portrait Photography, and are always on the ball when it comes to the changing marketing patterns of Senior Portraits Marketing.

Their Model Marketing System is a complete, proven system created by Jen Basford (one of the Seniors Ignite Masterminds), and is the exact blueprint she uses to bring in $30,000+ just from her model program each year.

In other words – let your competitors chase the ‘headache’ models and their high maintenance parents and let Seniors Ignite give you the tools you need to find the right models and learn exactly how to approach them. You’ll get them excited to work for you – for free!

The Model Marketing System is delivered in a simple-to-follow, go-at-your-own-pace package created for helping photographers market and grow their senior business with a senior model program.

It includes:

4 Teaching Calls
Jen Basford details the exact system she uses to bring in $30,000+ from her own, highly-successful Model Program

Beautifully Designed Marketing Templates (shown below)
Use the marketing pieces as is, or easily customize them to fit your own look. With Jen’s Senior Model Program templates all the work has been done for you. You simply drop in your own images, colors, and branding and you’re ready to go.


Copy + Paste Scripts
Jen has included her exact scripts, wording and forms that she uses in her own model program. No more guessing how to approach them, what to say, and how to word it – everything is already laid out and ready to go. No more struggling with when to contact them, what to say, or how to say it – it’s all right here, including her exact model contract that keeps her models in check all year long.

If you photograph seniors at all, you owe it to yourself to check out this program on how to run a successful senior model program.

Get $100 off!

The Model Marketing System usually runs for $499, but with the special Belovely You code belovelymms you can get the whole system for just $399 (a 20% savings).

But don’t wait!

I knew that Jen had already run the course LIVE this year, but she agreed to bundle the recorded teaching calls together and offer it again to you guys for just a few days – only through December 8th!

Check it out here and turn your Senior Portraits business around!



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