We’ve seen some pretty awesome examples of senior portrait photography so far this month, from both our audience and from the Seniors Ignite lead shooters.

But being an amazing senior portraits photographer is only half the battle – you also need to know how to market to seniors.

As you can guess, this is something the Masterminds at Seniors Ignite have already thought of, and addressed.

Enter – the Spark Marketing Bundle.


The Spark Marketing Bundle is a grouping of seven proven, low-cost marketing techniques used successfully by the Seniors Ignite Masterminds to market to their ideal seniors.

It also comes complete with ready-made templates and a guide for each marketing strategy.

Here are some of the topics and items included in the guide:

  • A year-round marketing piece template for either mailers or digital use (and includes the .psd file!)
  • The Instax Social Media Marketing Idea used successfully by multiple Seniors Ignite masterminds
  • A Social Media Marketing Guide, which includes a social media quick guide and Instagram tips
  • The Post Prom Marketing idea that will put you in front of your target senior clients (and help you give back to your community!)
  • A lighting and posing guide that explains the psychology and thought process of how it works during a session
  • Social Media Referrals and Templates for getting in front of your target senior market on social media
  • Email Marketing for High School Seniors – which is possible (no really, it is), you just have to know how to do it.

Plus there’s some great bonus material like info on senior guys sessions and an action set used by one of the Seniors Ignite lead photographers:

ooo pretty...
ooo pretty…



To help us celebrate our senior month, Seniors Ignite has provided us a special discount code belovelyspark25 for $25 off the bundle. Head on over here to check it out and pick up your copy!

Don’t hesitate though – it’s only available til the end of September, and then taken off the shelves for good!



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