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Desiree says:

“This adorable newborn was 10 days new at the time of this session, and super cute. She arrived at our studio with her Mom, Grandma, and Auntie who were all so helpful.

During the session I used one studio light with a large Octobox on camera right, and a large white reflector coming from the opposite side to fill in the shadows.

Sophie had been awake for three hours prior to arriving to the studio so after a top up of milk, a bit of rocking, and soothing she was sleepy and ready for her session.”

Desiree’s Photography Tip:

Safety is a huge concern when it comes to newborn photography, and I find that by explaining and demonstrating safety precautions parents are put at ease.

And since the feelings and actions of parents reflect onto their babies it’s especially important to make sure the parents are relaxed and comfortable, as then the babies tend to be more settled.

I always have a parent sitting next to their newborn throughout the session. It allows the parents to gently touch and rock their little one until I’m ready to take the shot, and allows them to be right there in case the baby pushes themselves forward and startles.

An added bonus is that the parents are close enough to hold the baby’s hands where I want them and then quickly pull away right before I take the shot so I can easily get the hand placement right.

With this newborn session, Sophie’s mom’s hand is just out of the frame. The baby was comfortable the whole time, and her mom, grandma, and Auntie were at ease knowing that the care of their baby was the number one priority.

By following this tip you will have a comfortable session with adorable images to share with your clients.

Cute Baby Girl
Sleepy Sophie
10 Days New
Tiny Toes

Desiree used a Canon 7D with a 24-105mm F4 lens to capture these images.

Desiree Veldkamp is a Edmonton, Alberta Maternity and Newborn photographer.

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