The New Year is a great time to go over what you need to do to improve your business.

For a lot of people, it’s skill-related, like maybe they want to improve on their use of OCF.

Or maybe their goal is to go out and practice shooting every day and do something like a 365 project.

But we know that for a lot of you, it’s to increase your client base and kick some major butt in marketing.

And marketing isn’t necessarily an easy thing, nor does it come easy to a lot of people. And photography marketing is it’s own ball of wax too.

That’s why Jamie from The Modern Tog put together a marketing course – just for photographers.

Marketog: The Photography Marketing Course


Marketog is an online-based photography marketing course created by a photographer, for photographers.

It’s structured into six weeks of lessons, and each lesson includes a video, an audio file for download that you can listen to whenever you want, a written transcript, and a worksheet to help you really work through each of the lessons and make sure you get it.

You’ll cover everything to what you’re actually looking for in an ideal client, to methods for actually getting them in the door.

And again, since this course was created by a photographer, it’s better than the average marketing advice out there because it’s geared just for your industry.

Plus it comes with tons of bonus materials and interviews with other industry-leading experts.

And guess what?

Registration is open now!

Jamie only opens up the course a few times a year. And once registration is closed, it won’t open again for months.

Since she knows that a lot of people will be completely revamping their marketing strategy for the new year she wanted to make sure she gave photographers the tools they needed right off the bat.

And registration is only open for a week – only til January 18th!

Click here to check it out and sign up today!

Published by Beth Teutschmann

A big fan of food, chaos, and all things fun, Beth is the owner of Starboard Editing, LLC - a photography post-production company focusing on anything from editing to blogging and SEO. When she's required to leave the confines of her dark room, she enjoys martial arts, eating, tattoos, cooking, ice cream, sillyness, eating, and traveling. You should probably say hi.

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